Approved Export Applicants Fiscal Year 2009-2010

Generators of low-level radioactive waste approved by the Commission for export from the Region for the period of July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

Please note that all applicants have been approved for the stated fiscal year with the exception of the category "VERY SMALL GENERATOR / Occasional Shipper." This category has been approved to ship 50 cubic feet or less, and only once in a three years period. These generators are identified by the fiscal years approved in parentheses following their name.





Entergy--Arkansas Nuclear One

Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation

Entergy--River Bend Station

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

University of Kansas, Environment Health & Safety @ Lawrence

Entergy--Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (Dept of Veterans Affairs)

EaglePicher Pharmaceutical Services LLC

Louisiana State University

Fort Smith Radiation Oncology

XenoTech, LLC

QSA Global, Inc

University of Kansas Hospital Authority

University of Louisiana @ Monroe-School of Pharmacy Vivarium

Xenometrics LLC

PETNET Solutions, Inc

Bayer CropScience LP

University of Kansas Medical Center


Hendrix College (FY08-10)

Kansas Dept of Health & Environment Laboratories

Dow Chemical Company @ Plaquemine (FY08-10)


Whirlpool Corporation (FY08-10)

Century Instrument Corporation

Slidell Memorial Hospital (FY08-10)



Diagnostic Technology Consultants, Inc

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center (FY08-10)



Schlumberger Technology Corportion

PSC Industrial Outsourcing, L.P. (FY08-10)



Southwestern College






Menorah Medical Center (FY08-10)


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